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How to write better? Improve your writing for an article, a blog post, or a SxSw coverage

15 Mar

As I have been blogging for little over a year, I have always struggled on how to write my blog posts. I usually find myself disoriented in my mind among the ideas I have and it was only when listening on HBR Ideacast podcast (by the way, a good podcast) Bryan Garner was interviewed by HBR’s Sarah Green on “How to improve your business writing” I understood how to write competently. And I want to make you also better writers.

Bryan Garner has an proposal for

Process for better writing

  • Madman
  • Architect
  • Carpenter
  • Judge
Madman, Architect, Carpenter and Judge

Madman, Architect, Carpenter and Judge


Use your imagination and write down every idea that comes to your mind. At this point do not judge any ideas, this is a brainstorming part.


Take a look at all the ideas been written down and start Thinking about propositions – 3 main points you are looking – a sensible order for all ideas.


Write out paragraphs to support the propositions, and write out all your ideas more fully in a very rapid way. A this point no editing is done.


Go back and very critically judge what has been written and expressed. How can this been written better? How is this article or blog post been interpretered by someone else? Is it selling enough?

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