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Google+ Now Has 400M registered users and 100M Monthly Active Users

18 Sep

Google, announced a new milestone for Google+: 400 million registered users and 100 million monthly active users. Senior Vice President of Engineering for Google posted the following statistics in a Google+ post:

This week we also hit an important milestone — over 400,000,000 people have upgraded to Google+. It was only a year ago that we opened public sign-up, and we couldn’t have imagined that so many people would join in just 12 months. While Google+ is all about creating a better experience across Google, it’s also a destination. And here too, I’m happy to report that we have just crossed 100,000,000 monthly active users on Google+ (plus.google.com and mobile app). https://plus.google.com/u/0/+VicGundotra/posts/2YWhK1K3FA5

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Mobile Usage Report 2011 from Google

7 Sep

Google released 2011 Mobile Usage report which still serves as a good foundation. Some interest takes from the report are:

  • 81% of smartphone users access the Internet on their mobile devices
  • 59% use the Internet on their phones while waiting
  • 43% would give up beer if they would otherwise have to give up their smartphones

Read whole report at Think With Google 

Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Center Of Gravity For Local Search

7 Jun

Google Places pages have been entirely replaced by new Google+ Local pages. As of this morning roughly 80 million Google Place pages worldwide have been automatically converted into 80 million Google+ Local pages, according to Google’s Marissa Mayer. It’s a dramatic change (for the better) though it will undoubtedly disorient some users and business owners.

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Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Center Of Gravity For Local Search.


Why choose Google+

2 Jun

Why choose Google+

Why the Google service is worth your time – 20 reasons

From seamless integration with Google services such as Gmail, Google Docs and Picasa to better game integration, video chat Google Hangouts with friends and easy privacy setting enabling

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Google plans to launch their own third-party commenting platform

27 Mar

Google plans to launch a Google+-powered commenting system for third-party websites. That might help drum up buzz for Google’s social network, but would put the company on a collision course with Facebook, which launched a similar social-commenting system last year. “You can’t go anywhere these days without running into a site that is using Facebook’s third-party comment platform, and it looks like Google wants in on the action,” Nancy Messieh writes.

Read more at http://www.webpronews.com/google-may-be-preparing-their-own-third-party-commenting-platform-2012-03

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