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16 experts tips for blogs

30 Mar

As I have been thinking on my own blog and want I would like to share to my readers and network, I stumbled on “16 expert tips for small business blogs” which by the way also works for bigger businesses, and wanted to share the post by Andy at Leahlak

  • Write 10 ways your industry will change this year
  • Create a list of the best industry resources
  • Attend industry events and blog about them
  • Your best marketing tips
  • What someone needs to consider before getting involved in your industry
  • Comment on an industry-related conversation going on in LinkedIn or Google Groups
  • Create a chart that breaks down a complicated industry issue or problem
  • Interview someone well-known in your world and profile them
  • Rewrite an old post with fresh eyes and new ideas
  • Publish a presentation you gave somewhere else
  • Search Google News for relevant press releases and news about your industry. Write your own take.
  • Create a list of the 10 books that someone in your industry should read.
  • Post about what you’d like to see fixed in your industry
  • Conferences people in your industry should attend/speak at
  • Your favorite untapped traffic sources in your industry
  • Issues in your space that deserve more attention

I hope to mark all 16 points as done during this year

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