About me

My first contact with online marketing and strategies was back in 1995-1996 when I studied economics and focused on relationship marketing (essay regarding that topic) and realized that this was the future and that the only and true place where you can build up personalized connections was on the Internet.

From studies, I moved on to trying out different roles as a Web Designer/Web Developer in a advertising firm where I focused on user experience as a guiding star and used my skills in online marketing to been a partner and founder of a local Web agency.

My journey has taken me to Paf, a Scandinavian online gaming company, where I currently focus on bringing together business objectives, technology and user experience through our Web Strategy Programme as Web Strategy Specialist (web strategist). I function as a subject matter expert and leverage my experience and knowledge of the latest industry trends and best practices and help the team to achieve department objectives.

I maintain and develop our Web Strategy for our e-commerce site a paf.com and act as a stakeholder in design, development and production in order to get intended user experience.

As from autumn 2010 I have been working with our social media strategy – to provide vision and a framework for our presence and from December 2010 with execution.

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