Presentation of active Finnish Twitter users 2013 (Twittercensus)

19 Feb

Intellecta released as planned the first study on Finnish Twitter users, Twittercensus, which is the biggest study in Nordics – information of active users, total number of accounts, graphs over registration dates as well as cluster graphs of the active twitter users in Finland.

Key insights from study

  • 63 632 Twitter accounts – 1,2 % of population – compared to Sweden with 300 000 users, 3 % of population
  • 17 993 234 tweets (Sweden 110 000 000)
  • Average user has 70 followers and has made 283 tweets (Sweden 2012: 62 followers, 368 tweets)
  • Only 4% has tweeted more than 1000 tweets (Sweden 7 %)
  • 3 & of tweets are geotagged (Sweden 4 %)
  • Tweeting from Web client is the preferred way, (Sweden Twitter iOS client)

Within active users (activity within 30 days)

  • 25 965 Twitter accounts (Sweden 171 000)
  • Average user has 141 followers, following 127 and has made 633 tweets

Conclusion: The social network Twitter still has a long way to go before it is reflected in Finland. As an example, Twitter Trends has not yet found Finland, and will most likely not before active user base is increased.

Follow the discussion of study on Twitter using hashtag #twittercensus (additional hashtags for Finnish tweeps #suomitwitter #suomisome)

The methodology used, is described at the newly created site

“75 recent tweets has been downloaded for every account, we analyzed the language after removing hashtags, links and user names. The language of the tweets are identified through the open source library Pear LanguageDetect. After an account has been identified as Finnish, all friends and followers of that account will be add to a queue to be analyzed. This process is iterated until all accounts (and there followers and friends, and their followers and friends, etc) have been scanned, and no more Finnish speaking accounts are found. Users not recognized as Finnish, accounts without tweets and protected accounts are excluded.”


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