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25 Jun

Take advantage of the possibility to re-type your comments on Facebook


Local Facebook fans beat corporate fans 40 to 1

18 Jun

Local Facebook fans beat corporate fans 40 to 1

Local pages has in comparison to large corporate pages 8 times more engagement.

HearSayLocal har also released a report: The Power of Going Local: Comparing the Impact of Corporate vs. Local Facebook Pages

Foursquare check-ins decrease by 25% in US

9 Jun

Convience & Convert reports in “11 Shocking New Social Media Statistics in America” that 74% of Americans are unfamiliar with the concept of checking in to a location via mobile device, and only 3% have ever checked in. Even more damning, is that 4% had checked in when surveyed in 2011. This is a 25% decrease in check in behaviors in a single year. It’s not going to rebound, which is why Foursquare’s play is to be the new Yelp.

The most important question is; What is going to happen with Foursquare, and the future of location-based services providers?

Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Center Of Gravity For Local Search

7 Jun

Google Places pages have been entirely replaced by new Google+ Local pages. As of this morning roughly 80 million Google Place pages worldwide have been automatically converted into 80 million Google+ Local pages, according to Google’s Marissa Mayer. It’s a dramatic change (for the better) though it will undoubtedly disorient some users and business owners.

Read more at Search Engine Land
Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Center Of Gravity For Local Search.

New design for Foursquare App

6 Jun

Mashable reports that location-based service Foursquare is getting a new design 7 June, including a personalized Map tool and discovery tools.

“The new elements look as though they’ll supplement the app’s Explore tab, leveraging users’ check-ins to recommend places to go and offer nearby deals. Explore launched in mobile apps in March 2011 and made its way to desktops this January.”

For updates on the new design, follow Twitter hashtag #AllNew4sq

4 Jun

Changes to Bitly service, to better or worse?


Why choose Google+

2 Jun

Why choose Google+

Why the Google service is worth your time – 20 reasons

From seamless integration with Google services such as Gmail, Google Docs and Picasa to better game integration, video chat Google Hangouts with friends and easy privacy setting enabling

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