Examples of Social Business ROI – Customer Service

3 May

Peter Kim, from DachisGroup published in early 2012 a great blog post –  101 examples of Social Business ROI – and I stumbled on this while doing research for an internal presentation regarding social media and customer support and as the rules says; good content deserves good attention.

Some examples of Customer Service in Social Media are

  • AT&T. Community: 21,000 customer issues resolved, driving16% improvement in call deflections year/year. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  • Cisco. Community deflects 120,000 support cases each month. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  • Cerner. Community resulted in 13% fewer customer support issues logged. (Jive Software, 2011)
  • giffgaff. 100% of questions answered by community members in average time of 93 seconds. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  • HP. More than 4.6 people have told HP that the forum solved their support issues, which HP says makes customer happier and saves the company millions in support costs. (Forrester, 2010)
  • Mint. 75% reduction in number of support tickets via sCRM solution. (GetSatisfaction, unkn)
  • National Instruments. Community resulted in 46% of all support questions answered by peers instead of support. (Jive Software, 2011)
  • Orange. Listening: saved a few million euros in support costs and helped avoid several potential PR problems. (Forrester, 2010)
  • Rhapsody. 50% decrease in support costs and 53% decrease in weekly support contacts via sCRM solution. (GetSatisfaction, unkn)
  • Sage Software. Community drove a +20 NPS increase. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  • TurboTax. 71% likelihood of customers interacting with @TeamTurboTax (Twitter support) to recommend TurboTax. (CoTweet, 2010)

101 Examples of Social Business ROI from DachisGroup http://www.dachisgroup.com/2012/01/social-business-roi-examples/


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