Storytelling in Consumer Experience?

29 Apr

While reading on Information Structure as Storytelling I started to think on how storytelling can give life to elements such as perception, persuasion, behavior in Consumer Experience (CX).

As we already know, Consumer Experience (CX) is more than merely content, it involves terms as awareness, discovery, attraction, interaction, purchase, use, cultivation and advocacy.

Handbook on Brand and Experience Management (by Bernd H. Schmitt & David L. Rogers – available on Google Books) defines this as

“Consumer Experience is something beyond mere satisfaction, something beyond the constraints of ‘stimulus response’, something that somehow transcends our lives”

Consumer Experience (CX) also aims to lead to further experiences i.e. relationship and this is where storytelling can help, because people relate to stories, fire (read get excited i.e. WOW-feeling) at similar experiences and help to remember experiences.

Storytelling, in Consumer Experience methology, is not a substitute, but a complementary of reaching to consumers and creating a “wonderful consumer experience” by matching our selling process with how consumer approaches.

In order to use storytelling in Consumer Experience (CX), we need to understand the elements and structure of storytelling, “Aristotle’s Elements of Storytelling”. Character and Plot are the foundation and Theme is the core of Storytelling – Character gives personality and Plot is the Theme is the in what way of approaching.

Translated, the structure of storytelling we can used as in “Elliance Translation” to show how structure can be used in Information Architecture.

The interaction point, where user needs and business goals meet, is the story.

For the part 2 of this blog post I will conclude good examples storytelling in Consumer Experience



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