Top 3 Facebook tips for brands

28 Apr

ImageSpruce Media, a company that believes Facebook will change the future of advertising so it has created a platform to help advertisers thrive on Facebook ads.  shares best Facebook tips for brands, originally posted on Econsultancy

  1. Understand your fan base and who’s engaging. Are they the right demographic for your brand?
  2. Integrate pages and paid media. It’s important to integrate page posts into paid media/ ad strategy. They are the most effective ad unit that you can customize to your target audience.
  3. Understand your metrics of success. The metrics of success on Facebook are different. Now that Facebook has introduced “People talking about this” you can see how viral your message has become. It’s not about looking at click through rates or reach, it’s about engagement. Don’t think of it as advertising. Facebook is all about building relationships with your customers.

Read also about The New Preferred Marketing Developer Program by Facebook

Over the past three years, the Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) program and Marketing API Program (MAP) have connected brands with developers to help them build apps on Facebook Platform, optimize social plugins, manage ad campaigns, and develop strategies for Facebook Pages. Today we’re announcing that these two programs will merge to become the new Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. The goal of the PMD program is to bring developers to the right clients and make it possible for any brand or company to find consultants who can work with them to build comprehensive Facebook campaigns and presences.


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