Nordic Social Media Combat – Ökampen (Okampen)

27 Feb

Last year, Paf sponsored a Nordic social media competition with Scandinavia’s definitely most talented #some minds – Ökampen (Okampen, Twitter hashtag #okampen) – together with Mats Adamczak.

The competition started in early September 2011 where participants took part of virtual competitions in social media using different channels for viral visibility and the competition continued until Saturday when the competition will take place at Åland, first in a Rebus-rally where participants traveled to different destinations at Åland using taxi and with help of their followers/friends/fans in social media to solve the quizzes and the final took place at Paf Casino in a charity poker, where the winner, Karin Bäcklund (@KarinBacklund) donated the prize of 1.000 € to a charity organization.

Why Paf as sponsor? Paf want to appear, visible, integrated and associated with the event as for it’s widespread and possibility to be known and to learn as much as possible on social media networks to use the knowledge in business.

Ökampen teams and competitors:


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