Foursquare and Points

22 Feb

Foursquare, the location-based social networking, uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to display restaurants, bars, parks, and other attractions in your location. When you visit any of those locations, you “check in” on the FourSquare app, which broadcasts your location to your friends. You’ll also see where your friends have checked in, which helps you meet up with them or find new things to do. Foursquare is also a great way of connection with your network, but also to find new connections.

After the last years’s social media competition Ökampen/Okampen (#okampen), I started to think about Foursquare and Points, from a strategical perspective – how can one maximize earning of points in future combats – as there is no official explanation of points from Foursquare.

Points are awarded based on your check-in behavior (if you check into a new venue, make a lot of stops in one day, check into a new town or with friends you haven’t seen in a while, etc.). You can view your points over the past 7 days (rolling period) on the Me tab in the app, including your own 7-day high score to serve as personal encouragement – How do I earn points? –

You earn points for each new location you check into on Foursquare. Get enough points and you’ll earn badges like”Super User” or “Explorer.” If you check into one location more than anyone else, you become the “Foursquare mayor” of that location (extra points), but that title is stripped if someone checks in more than you (less points). If your friend is also checked in at same location (points) and more points if your friend is mayor. So, there is a gamification point system but not well-defined.

  • Mayor Bonus +3 points
    • You, the Mayor of location, checked-in first time that day
  • You just stole the Mayorship from X +5
    • You checked-in more than previous mayor and stole the mayorship
  • 3 days in a row at “location” +2
    • You have checked-in 3 days in a row at location
  • That’s 4 days in a row at “location” – it’s a record streak! +3
    • You have checked-in 4 days in a row at location
  • 3 days here this week +2
    • You have checked-in at location 3 times this week
  • VIP! You are hanging out with the Mayor! +3
    • You are checking-in with your friend, the Mayor, at location together
  • Your pal X is the Mayor +2
    • Your friend is Mayor here
  • Welcome back! You haven’t been to “location” since “date” +2
    • You have in past checked in at the location and now you are back
  • First “category” in 7 months +2
    • TBD
  • That’s real power! You’re the mayor of a place with over 200 check-ins, “location” +3
    • TBD
  • Big day! That’s 10 places today! +3
    • 10 check-ins today
  • Every check-in counts! +1
    • You are checking-in more than once at the same location
  • Your first “category” +4
    • You checked-in for first time to a new category
  • First time at “location” +3 / Your first check-in at “location +3
    • This is the first time you checked-in at the location
  • First of your friends to check in here +2
    • You are first to check-in from your friends
  • This is your first check-in with X. You both get points for this one +4
    • TBD
  • Aw shucks! No points for this check-in +0
    • You probably checked-in too many times in a short period of time or too many times with the day, also called rapid-fire.

I would be happy to get your insights – have I missed something?

Why not connect with me on Foursquare?


One Response to “Foursquare and Points”

  1. James Papio May 21, 2014 at 05:12 #

    The point system does not work to my liking anymore.

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